Taking care of nature

Parquet FocusFloor is produced using the most modern woodworking technologies. This allows us to effectively use valuable wood for the production of high-quality wooden floors.

One of the features of multi-layered parquet is its design. Therefore, we use solid wood layers only for the top layer of the parquet. This technology allows not only to provide customers with floors of natural wood, but also significantly reduce deforestation, ensuring the creation of virtually waste-free production. Even those parts of wood that were not involved in the production of parquet in the future go to the heating of industrial premises.

Preferring natural and environmentally friendly materials, you create comfort and harmony in your own home. If you often walk barefoot on the floor, you will definitely feel the warmth and the special sensations of contact with a real tree. It’s not for nothing that with all the variety of different materials today, wood still occupies a leading role in our dwellings.

We are aware of our responsibility for the preservation of the green layer of the planet for future generations of the planet and we responsibly approach the issue of environmental protection.